Being a Proverbial Student


About the Book

Drawing from over 35 years of experience, author Jeral Williams presents a variety of fun ideas that will guide Christian college students in the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

A great resource for students, parents, teachers, pastors and anyone interested in the encouragement of life-long learning!

A great resource for students, parents, teachers, pastors and anyone interested in the encouragement of life-long learning!

Are you reaching your full potential as a student?

     A proverbial student is interested in gaining an education rather than simply pursuing a degree. A quick scan of Proverbs shows that God is more interested in a student’s pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom than easy courses, convenient times, grades, majors, or careers.

Meaningful Preparation

       Parents and other support groups are understandably concerned about preparing Christian students for the temptations of university life. Many books are written, and extensive advice is given, to prepare for campus living. However, the academic preparation for Christian students is often ignored or, at best, underrepresented. The book of Proverbs makes it clear: God intends for students to pursue wisdom. 

What People Are Saying

“There can be a stark difference between getting a college degree and gaining a college education that fosters lifelong learning and servant leadership. Here in this succinct, insightful, and timely work, students and teachers alike will find ready help in the arts of genuine learning and authentic teaching as well as living the well-examined life of Christian faithfulness. Tolle lege! Take up and read!” 

Dr. Robert A. Bryant

Kristen Herrington Professor of Religion Director, Cornelson Institute for Christian Practice and Vocation

Department of Religion and Philosophy Presbyterian College

Anyone with an interest in higher education will find Dr. Jerry Williams’s book a hidden treasure. I found his use of illustrative material from his personal life to be especially helpful. I wish I could have had him as a professor.

Dr. Thomas W. Shane

D. Div

Overall I found the book very clear and practical in nature. I really like the
directness for each chapter and the questions that are posed to the reader. I would purchase this book and give it to every student going to college in my church.

Richard Carroll

Pastor of Discipleship at Emerald Bible Fellowship, Eugene, Oregon

I used Being a Proverbial Student in our First Year Integration course. It added a key missing dimension to the course. I highly recommend this book.

Dr. Gary W. Ewen

Dean of the School of Business and Leadership, Professor of Management and Leadership Studies, Colorado Christian University

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