‘Mom, we’ve hired a few people to fill in for you while you relax on Mother’s Day.’

Bittersweet. I began writing this blog on Mother’s Day.  I wish a belated happy Mother’s Day to all moms.

For us the day is bittersweet. On the sweet side Jeny heard from our sons and they are both healthy physically and economically. Their families are likewise (and she heard from the female grandchildren!!).

On the bitter side of Mother’s Day, we have both lost our mothers and the day is a reminder of the loss of our daughter. Last week I discussed changes in life. The loss of a child is an enormous change, a permanent change. One from which you never completely recover. We are thankful for the time we had with her and the children she bore.

 After her death, we were given excellent advice to celebrate the living. So, I am claiming today as a sweet bitter day. We are glad for our family and friends and the support they are to our lives.

A friend responded to last week’s blog by pointing out his faith is the steady platform on which he faces worldly change. I certainly agree. The Beatitude – “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted” was a rock on which we lived after Dawn’s death.

My friend knows comfort and mourning all too well as he is a Chaplain in a nursing home, serving in Hospice care. A tough journey before the virus, even more difficult in our current situation — he deserves our prayers and support. He is not alone, as we have several friends battling the virus, facing economic insecurities and surviving the pain of burying loved ones without the support of friends.

Principles. Another friend shared:

         “ I enjoyed this morning’s Proverbial Student.  Change is the constant and how we respond to change is the challenge.  I like the distinction that some make between principles and values, the latter being subjective and transitory.  Principles, which you might say are what are right/true and constant, are worth discovering and guiding us as we meet the challenge of change.   By the way, I should give Stephen Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People) some credit for getting me to really think about the principles/values juxtaposition.”

I thought about his distinction and asked myself— What are my principles? Where do my principles originate?

I hope my principles are clear to everyone.

My principles come from my relationship to God.  My principles would be very different if I did not have a belief in and a relationship with God.

Some of my friends, who do not believe in God, do not like to hear me say the following: without God, I neither feel or understand the need to be anything but totally selfish. If this material world is all there is, I would do all I could to care for myself.

Many want to believe they care for the environment, care for justice, care for the needy, because people are innately good and they care out of the goodness of their hearts.

I am not addressing their claim. I am only speaking for myself. I am saying, if I believed God did not exist, the only reason I would cooperate or care for others would be if it enhanced my well-being. I would be selfish.

Some days are more interesting than others.  Today is not Mother’s Day.

I woke up in a sweat. At my age — with the virus fears – I was not off to a good start.

I got our thermometer and the battery was dead. I turned on our big computer and it died. I should have gone back to bed.

Instead I set out to have a productive day. I packed up Goodwill and drove to the donation site — it was closed.

I went to our usual drugstore to buy a thermometer – they had none.

I took a graduation towel to the embroider – she was closed.

On the way home the stoplight was broken –after a long, wait, I took a different route.

I stopped by a different drugstore – they did not have a thermometer.

One of my principles is — I always have a choice about my day, make it a good one.

I sat for a few minutes and prayed thanksgiving for the things for which I am blessed:

                Shelter when many are homeless.

                Food when many are hungry.

                Life when so many are dying

Clean water, electricity, sewage, loving spouse and family, etc.  –- you get the idea.

It was only a few seconds of listing before my blessings dramatically outweighed my light burdens.

I had a great day.

I wish the same for you.





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