I am writing today’s blog before election day results are complete. With all of the boarding up of businesses, gun purchases, and National Guard alerts, I join many others in praying for peace.

I tried to think of something happy and good to write about in the middle of all we have happening.

Good news — we survived another hurricane without major damage. We lost power from 10 pm until late the next afternoon. I spent a sleepless night without my CPAP machine.

The loss reminded me how privileged I am. The electricity I take for granted, is needed for air conditioning, refrigeration, lighting and a good night rest.

We need electricity to aerate our Koi pond. Too often I am like the fish — living without appreciation for the gifts of life. I am using the loss of electricity as a personal reminder that amidst the chaos of elections and COVID, I am a very blessed person. I chose to remind myself I have Jeny, my faith, friends, family, food and much more.

I hope everyone can join me in thankfulness amid these trying times.

Today’s blog is brief because I assume at the time this is distributed we will all be heavily focused on the outcome and aftermath of the election.

Until next week,


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