We had wonderful time at our grandson Miller’s wedding. Miller is Scott’s younger son. The couple dated since middle school.  The minister did a great job of continuing the relationship in a positive direction.

The surrounding events enabled us to have quality time with family. We are very thankful we got to see them. My niece Diana, is on the left and our three granddaughters (Andrea, Ashton, Libby) are to the right.

Before I left for the wedding, I could not find my phone. I thought it may have slipped out of my pants at a church meeting. We had to leave early the next morning after the church meeting, so we went on to the wedding without it. We called the church and someone checked the couch and did not see the phone. Four days went by without a phone. Yes I survived.

When we got back from the wedding, I spent hours looking in the house and car for the phone. On Monday I went to the church to search and found it in the couch.

Needless to say, the hours searching for the phone and attending a wedding and all of the accompanying events did not leave a lot of time for this blog. It is brief.

Jeny and I had one discussion on the way home that I believe is worth mentioning. We talked about how much time and money was spent on outside appearance.

Since I had not worn a suit in many years, I had to buy a new suit and shirt in order to have clothes that fit. I shaved my beard for the pictures. I got a haircut. The lingering effects of my stroke on fine motor movements in my left hand has left me unable to tie a tie – good excuse to not wear one. But that meant I had to purchase a pre-tied bow tie. I spent a lot of time preparing my outside for the wedding as did many others — haircuts, make-up, the right clothing, the right jewelry etc. The outside took hours and many dollars.

Outside appearance is important, but for a good marriage and for life, preparation of the inside is also very important.

I am a slob. I need Jeny to smooth my hair, make sure my clothes at least “sorta” match, remind me when I need a haircut and more. I just have never worried about how I look. I have always worried about the inside. I focus on I think and feel about God and others. In my life, preparing for a day of loving and caring for others is more important than my outside appearance. Even with that focus I fail in relationships. It takes work to have the proper inside appearance.

I know my outside appearance is important and I need to put more time into mine, but I also know both the inside and the outside are important. It is not one or the other — it is both. What is really important is the relationship of the inside to the outside. What I call the I-O ratio.

If I spend all of my time worrying about my outward appearance and never take the time to improve my mind, my emotions, my spiritual life, then my ratio is out of balance. Similarly, if I ignore my external appearance, my ratio is out of balance.

My suggestion is to spend some time in an honest assessment. What is your I-O ratio?

Do you need to spend more time developing your mind, centering your spiritual life? Should you be worrying a little more about how you look to others or a little more about how you care for others?

In closing, Nana had a good time dancing at the wedding.

Let’s all remember her surgery on Tuesday the 11th.

I am pleased to report Tom Oyan’s surgery was successful.



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