Numbers divisible by 10. Today I celebrate my 100th blog. What a joy and privilege! Thank you for sharing your life with me. I have learned through our interactions. Staying in touch with you is a deep joy. Please continue to raise questions and help me address important issues of our time.

Going from 99 to 100 means adding another digit. Obviously, that is different. What I do not understand is why do events ending in zeros seem to mean so much more? The good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, Jeny and I will both turn 80 next year. Why does that sound so much older than turning 79?

Why was the year 2000 so important other than the effects it had on computers?

If I learned anything from my stroke it is to be thankful for each day. Round numbers should mean no more or more less than other numbers— but somehow they do.

Treatment delays. Jeny had a rough time this week. The problem was not that her third treatment occurred but that her treatment did not occur. I took her early Monday morning. They drew blood and prepped her for chemotherapy. Then they stopped. Her platelet count was too low. She will have to go back next week.

Apparently low platelets and treatment delays are fairly common, but no one told Jeny (“the planner”) to factor that into her plans. I describe the event as getting all dressed up for the wedding and the groom does not show up.  It was a tough day. But we will try again next week.

Through all of this I am learning what a servant’s heart should be. I have been someone who helps out when asked, usually with a good spirit.

What I have learned is to be proactive. I look for ways to serve. I ask— how can I serve? — rather than respond when asked. Proactive servanthood takes more humility and thus is more difficult for me, but I am learning.

Laughter and tears. My chuckle and then cry moment for the week was a Facebook post. An ad appeared touting a Facebook medical degree. Since people are believing more information from social media than actual medical doctors, the facetious ad claimed you could learn all you needed to know about medicine from Facebook and thus avoid an actual medical education.

I laughed at the creativity and then I cried at the reality.

Do not look now, but another COVID variant (Lambda) has developed and appears at this time to be resistant to current vaccines.

Hard to believe but true. Sad moments are found in two articles. The first article reports a giant disparity in sentencing between a black female and a white female. The only good news for me is it occurred in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, and not the South.

The second article is the Missouri governor pardoned the famous gun-waving couple but said freeing an innocent man imprisoned for over 40 years is not a priority.

Missouri Governor Pardons the Ignorant, But Not the Innocent | Colorlines

These articles add to my understanding of why some mistrust of our judicial system is understandable.



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