Brief blog: My life got complicated. Some good news, some not so good. Consequently, my blog is brief this week.

The good news began with visits from family. Andrea Tilstra, our oldest granddaughter was in the United States for a conference in Atlanta. She is a postdoctoral researcher at Oxford University. We had not seen her since she graduated from The University of Colorado last spring.

She took the opportunity to visit her uncle and family in Birmingham.  Then she come to Mobile to visit her grandparents alone for one full day. We were excited for her visit and we gave her our undivided attention. No thinking! No writing!

Her visit was made even happier by her good news. She received a prestigious Madam Currie research award. We are very proud of all our children and grandchildren and delight in their successes.

The next day we were delighted to be joined by her dad, step-mother and her brother. It was a great family time only made better by several additional members of the family joining us for a party that night.  Again, No thinking! No writing! Lots of preparations!

After they left, we got the bad news my brother who is battling cancer needed to be hospitalized.

All of that is my way of saying I have priorities higher than my blog, consequently my writing is brief.

Transgender in Sports. I did begin gathering my thoughts about transgenders in sports. In reading and talking with other people, it is clear the topic is not an easy one. Thoughtful people want to be sensitive and fair. Being fair is the big issue. I am struggling with my thoughts, but I will try to share my ideas next week.

First time for everything. As I am writing this blog, something developed I have never been around before. Outside the window of our Gulf Shores cottage are three policemen. They are in armor and heavily armed. They have three cars blocking the street. At the intersection 500 yards away, a confrontation is occurring. We cannot see what is happening.

They held their position for an hour. As I am watching, I am thinking how little I know about what first responders face. Here we are in a sleepy little coastal village, and they are facing a situation more volatile than any situation I have ever faced in my 80 years. How much more difficult would a policeman’s job be in a big city?

I have no real understanding of the reality of policework. I do know this incident ended successfully and it will not be on national news.

Good news

First Responders

New Jersey firefighters rappel down elevator shaft in daring rescue of 6 trapped children | Fox News

‘An Amazing Act Of Bravery!’ Deputy Uses Own Vehicle To Stop Wrong-Way Driver, Saving Lives (

Young people

9-Year-Old Boy Raises $2,000 For Idaho Humane Society (

Homeless Teen Is Reunited With The Dog He Had To Surrender, Finds Place To Stay (

I do hope you had blessed Easters and happy Passovers.

A Little Plug. If you celebrated Easter, I am pleased to let you know one of my Easter poems was featured Easter Sunday by an on-line journal of Christian writing. You can read my Easter celebration by going to Agape Review and either scroll down to April 17 or click on my name– Jeral Williams.

If you go to the site and appreciate the poem, I invite you to “like” it. Some of my other poems I have published at this site are also given and available for you to read.




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