Key Deer August 2022

We spent last week in Key West, the land of beautiful sunsets and very tan, young people who like to drink. We had a great time with friends and had several new experiences. After our many years in Colorado seeing normal sized deer and elk, observing the Key Deer was special. The tiny creatures are beautiful. Note in my picture the height of the stag relative to the fence in the background. They are small!

Today’s blog is very brief.

Upon my return I was excited to see the number and quality of response to my request for help. I am trying to create a clear statement of issues surrounding abortion without promoting a particular stance. The responses were thoughtful, thought provoking and helpful. Obviously, the topic is sensitive, and I was very pleased with the quality of the replies.

I was late starting on the blog because of our vacation, but I spent hours working to comprehend the ideas and respond to the writers. Then in the middle of my work, the server for the emails had technical difficulties and I was unable to read them. Thus, my response will be delayed a week. I want to be sure I give everyone respect for what they said, and I am accurate in what I say.

Again, I am very pleased with your responses, and I thank you.

I hope everyone is wrapping up their summer in good order, and young ones are successfully getting back to school.

Good News

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