Good Insight. One reader offered a good insight into my comments on grieving. I wrote for the acceptance stage that I was “moving on.” He said it may just be semantics, but he preferred “carrying on.”

I think he makes an excellent point. Moving on is a phrase implying grief is left behind. Carrying on implies grief is still present but we adapt, make adjustments and go forward.

I agree, grief never totally leaves us. We accept the reality and carry on. Thanks for the insight.

Representation: A recent article raised the issue of the need for more black head coaches in NFL football. The article bemoaned the fact there were only four black head coaches: Todd Bowles, Tampa; Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh; Lovie Smith, Houston; Michael McDaniel, Miami (mixed racial.)

There are 32 teams in the NFL. Four coaches, means 12.5% of the head coaches are black. The black population in America is around 12.5 %. 

There is one Hispanic coach, Ron Rivera, Washington. The Hispanic population is around 18 %.

There are 27 white coaches, which is 84% of the coaches with a population around 60%.

I see several difficult and interesting issues regarding under and over representation raised in the article.

To begin, why are people concerned about black representation if the numbers match the percentage in the population?

Why are people not concerned about under representation of Hispanic coaches?

How and why should the number of white coaches be reduced to be representative of the population?

The very important issue of under- and over-representation goes way beyond football coaches. I hope to address it in depth in future. As always, I am not so interested in pushing a particular view as I am having an honest assessment of the facts and arguments.

I am beginning to address the issue using a few questions about football coaches. I would like to hear your thoughts before going further. I hope we have some worthwhile interactions about this important issue.

Homelessness: I was stunned to read that Bill Walton voiced a concern about the homeless. Note carefully, it was a concern about the behavior of the homeless not a concern for the homeless. He reported that once again he was threatened and chased by homeless people while riding a bike in San Diego.

Bill Walton is a former basketball player and noted advocate for causes. For him to be critical of San Diego and the homeless is surprising given his activist history.

I only read one story on Bill Walton’s recent experiences. I hope more stories come out to provide a better context.

I know from our friends living in the San Francisco Bay area and the Los Angeles area that those areas have serious problems with homelessness.  

It is interesting to see how different communities are attacking the issue. Ashville, North Carolina is addressing the issue by trying to provide housing.

Asheville completes sale of Ramada Inn for veteran, homeless housing (

Our hometown of Mobile is addressing the issue by legislating an urban camping ordinance.

Bias against Mormons. The Oregon University football fans performed an offensive cheer against Mormons during their game against BYU. BYU’s treatment by Oregon fans raises several issues. For one, the failure of national mainstream media to cover a highly prejudicial chant is in sharp relief when placed up against the media responses to the now discredited claims of bias against BYU by a Duke volleyball player. The tone of the following article is a little snarky but presents information I found interesting and challenging about the incident.

Good News

Young people:

Summer Interns Break World Record With Food Donation (

Teen’s Act Of Kindness To Elderly Driver At Gas Station (

First responders:

Officers Discovered A Noise Complaint Was A Girl Celebrating Her Quinceañera. So, They Helped Her Celebrate (




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