Time Changes. The older I am the harder it gets to make time changes. Jet lag from travel takes days for my body to recover. Even the one-hour change for daylight savings takes several days for the adjustment. But at least I know what the change is about. Marley, her dog, does not.

Under daylight savings time Marley gets impatient to go to bed around 9:30 at night. She moves around and looks at us like—I’m tired when are you going to bed. She never goes back to the bedroom and sleeps by herself. In the Fall when we fall back an hour she gets really disturbed. She has no idea why we are staying up an hour later than usual. She loves the spring forward time change.

COVID Research. Since I had a bout with COVID, my doctor advised me to get a booster in 3 months. Several people I know are not vaccinated and would not get a booster. They have various reasons for their decision.

In thinking about the issue, I realized I have not looked for evidence to make my decision. I am following the recommendation of someone I trust, who is in public health and has 50 years of experience in infectious diseases, but I still needed to look at evidence for myself.

I started my search and found what I believe is an excellent study.


Over 60 scientists from many states (including the highly conservative states of Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, and Louisiana) provided millions of patient observations. To promote the integrity of the study they even reported stock holdings by the scholars. One person owned 100 shares of Pfizer. They are very careful to state the limitations of the study – for example the results are primarily for the Delta variant with adults.

I am satisfied with the integrity of the study. I do not see it as a political, government or drug company scam. It is scientific research with all the limits that accompany such research.

What do I see as the clear individual facts?

  1. Some people who are not vaccinated do not get COVID.
  2. Some people who are not vaccinated get COVID and live.
  3. Some people who are vaccinated get COVID.
  4. Some people who are vaccinated get COVID and die.

However, scientist do not rely on individual examples nor personal experience for their recommendations. Rather they depend on aggregate data. 

For the aggregate data there are two clear results.

  1. The average weekly occurrence of COVID was much, much higher for unvaccinated people.
  2. The average weekly occurrence of death from COVID was much, much higher for unvaccinated people.

Since in the aggregate data, the incidence of COVID and COVID related deaths is much higher in the unvaccinated I ask myself one question – given that data, if I were responsible for a recommendation, what would be my recommendation for adults? What would yours be? Note I am not asking whether you should be vaccinated or not. I am asking— based on the data what would be your recommendation?

If people choose not to be vaccinated, that is their business. I just hope they realize and accept the aggregate risks they are taking and are careful about encouraging others to take the risks.

Anyone who examines the facts in this study and believes the data is in error, please tell me. I welcome a dialog. The study is technical, but the tables and graphs are understandable.

I do not see evidence to support the claim of a scam. Anyone who believes a study of this scope is a government or drug scam, please let me know why. I welcome a dialog.

Anyone who sees flaws with current study, I welcome a dialog because that is the interchange scientists have on a regular basis.

I welcome reading other research that is counter to what was found in this study. If you know of such research, please let me know. Scientists read alternative research on a regular basis.

If the results challenge you, I encourage you read think, examine and let me know what you are thinking.

Let me know your thoughts. I will listen.


Electric cars. Several of my friends, even though they believe in climate change also believe the rush to electric cars is not being well thought out. John Stoessel has a series on inconvenient truths about electric cars. He raises some issues about which we all need to think. It takes energy to create electricity. He points out New Zealand has geothermal sources of energy so having electric cars with electricity supplied by geothermal means may reduce emissions. However, there are no guarantees that reduction will occur in the U.S. He has food for thought.


I never thought about this before. When I voted I realized that at my age, I do not know how many more opportunities I will get to vote. I felt the privilege as never before.

When I walked in, the precinct had black and white, male and female workers and voters. A large group of people was handled efficiently and securely — no lines. I was proud of my situation and thankful for the voting privilege as never before.

Good News

Brought tears to my eyes

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Another coincidence

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