Surgery. Jeny had surgery on her upper eyelids. It may have cosmetic value but the real reason for the surgery is her sight. With age, the extra skin was sagging and making it very difficult for her to read.

She came through the surgery very well.  If you see a picture of her black eyes, there is absolutely no truth to any rumor about me mistreating her.

Antisemitism. Kyrie Irving is a talented NBA basketball player. Recently he has received backlash for posting a link on his social media. The link was to a documentary titled, “Hebrews to Negroes.” The film is widely perceived to be antisemitic. From what I read second-hand about the movie I agree that it is antisemitic.

Kyrie claims to not be an antisemite but his apologies have been confusing to many people. He is currently suspended from playing.

Ed Reed a Hall of Fame football player spoke out in support of Kyrie.  He tweeted the following:

“These boys making business decisions, not worried about the people! I STAND WITH #KyrieIrving we are Harmed everyday! Stop acting as if BLACK folk are not treated worst than any. All the attn (apologies) PROVES it #CarryOn,” 

To me Reed seems to be claiming– since Jewish have prejudice against “BLACK folk,” it is acceptable for Black people to have prejudice against Jewish people.

First, I question his assertion that “these boys” treat blacks “worst” than any.

Second, in my opinion, rather than using perceived prejudice against Blacks to justify prejudice against Jews, we need to fight prejudice in all forms.

My Prejudice. Rather than claiming “I do not have a prejudiced bone in my body” I believe all humans have prejudice. Every human Black, white, brown, male, female, all cultures, everyone is prejudiced. I think our best hope is to recognize the capacity for prejudice in everyone, then examine ourselves and be accountable for our personal prejudice.

For example, during our trip to Europe a few months ago, Jeny got wheelchair service in Heathrow airport. Our attendants took us to several locations for transfer to another attendant. All of the attendants and the people managing the transfer locations were British with heritage from India. They were all friendly and helpful. I developed no prejudice against them.

However, at every transfer location we were faced with the behavior of a subculture of elderly people of Indian heritage in wheelchairs. They were rude, demanding and acted entitled toward everyone, including the other people of Indian heritage.

I know I developed a prejudiced attitude toward that subculture. If I am ever in Heathrow, I will have to control my attitude if I am in the presence of people in wheelchairs from the elderly Indian subculture. I know all members of that subculture are not rude and demanding, but my experiences will make me cautious. My point is— being aware of my prejudiced attitude makes me better able to control my behavior.

Family Dynamics. One of my readers had an interesting response to the COVID vaccination discussion. He has a son who is an infectious disease M.D. and a daughter who is anti-vaccination and was anti-vax even before COVID. She believes the AMA and big pharma are brainwashing doctors and the public with selective studies. That leads to an interesting family dynamic!

Of further interest to me was the doctor agreed to “horse medicine” for his mother and father when they had COVID. His support made me have the same awareness I had about COVID last week – namely, I do not have first-hand evidence about Ivermectin. I just assumed “horse medicine” was not good for humans. So, I looked around and found a very detailed study in Great Britain that suggests positive effects for Ivermectin. Not a double-blind study but still positive effects. Very interesting!

Good News

Right place, right time

A Pod Of Mermaids In California Saved A Scuba Diver From Drowning (

First Responders

Police Officer Pays For Woman’s Gas After Card Gets Declined At Pump (

Officer Responds To Indecency Call, Buys Man Clothes Instead Of Giving Citation (

We are off to Nashville to celebrate Thanksgiving. It will be our first holiday without my brother. We will still find much for which to be thankful. Having you as friends is one of those big blessings.

Jeny and I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.




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