I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We gathered at my brother’s home. It was the first holiday without him. We hugged, played games, watched basketball and had a wonderful family time. My brother’s room was upstairs. It was there he smoked his pipe, watched a big screen TV, listened to bluegrass music and sipped good bourbon. I never made it up the stairs. Maybe next time.

Q Club. The issue of hatred for homosexuals came very close to home for me this week. My first cousin is gay. He lives in Manitou Springs, a suburb of Colorado Springs. The mass shooting was at a club where he attended a charity event just the week before the shooting. He knew the bartenders who were murdered. He was friends with one of the men who was shot but is surviving.

The homosexuality issue is an issue that is dividing many churches. Some people believe it is a terrible sin. Others are accepting of the behavior. Whatever the stance, murder is totally unacceptable. Language and talk that encourages hatred of homosexuals is unacceptable. My cousin should not have to live in fear.


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