I turn 80 tomorrow.

Somewhere along the way I learned; if my needs are met, everything else is fluff. Some fluff is important for many reasons, but it is still fluff. Some fluff is fun, but it is still fluff.

If I have food, water, clothing, caring relationships, safety, shelter, a spiritual life and my health; I should not sweat the fluff.

My needs are met in abundance. My task is to do all I can to see to the needs of others. I wish I was as committed to helping as Ethan Hill. Normally I put good news at the end of this blog. His story is so heartwarming I want to begin with a summary of this amazing young man.

At age 6 (YES— AGE SIX!!) he took $100 he got for Christmas and bought supplies and delivered them to the homeless. The next year he purchased sleeping bags. His ministry has grown so that six years later, the 12-year-old 7th grader has a mobile store filled with supplies. He gets up every day and does what he can to help the homeless. I hope everyone will read the details of his story and be challenged by his accomplishments.

Turning 80 means I am around a lot of old people and old people have problems. We lost three friends in the last two weeks and learned of the death of another through a Christmas card. We also know of several dear friends battling health issues.

The problems make the birth of a daughter to two of my former golfers even more special. I am so glad I to share in the joy of a new birth.

In addition to a birth, I take heart in the hope of Advent. This is a special time of year. During the Holiday season, I am determined to share as much hope and joy as possible. If I focus on kindness rather than unrest, war or politics, there is plenty of it to be seen and appreciated.

Good News

A Random Act Of Kindness Sparked A Family’s Decade Of Giving During The Holidays (sunnyskyz.com)

Every Christmas, This Woman Hands Out Hundreds Of Stuffed Animals To Seniors (sunnyskyz.com)

He’s Up for Hero Award After Transforming Lives on City Streets Where he Once Sold Drugs (goodnewsnetwork.org)

I intend to continue to focus on good news in this the season of Good News. I hope you will join me.



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