Amidst the chaos of our car wreck, we had good news. As some of you know Jeny has been diagnosed with a congenital heart issue. The problem is not life threatening but greatly affects her quality of life. If momma’s quality of life is affected, mine is likewise.

The main issue has been stamina. Her energy level has been very low. She could not walk far without stopping to catch her breath.

The doctors discovered she had an enlarged muscle near one of her heart valves. Occasionally the muscle would contact the valve causing blood to flow back into her heart.

An experimental drug has been developed to soften the muscle causing the problem. Insurance denied payment for the drug. At $8000 a month she was hesitant to take the med.

I am pleased to report a foundation agreed to cover the cost for one year and she began treatment this week. We have already seen positive results. We, and I mean we, are very thankful and hopeful for her future quality of life.

Baby it’s Cold outside. After talking to one friend about 600 inches of snow in California, I remembered a story that demonstrates one reason we live in Mobile – especially in the winter.

The coldest NFL playoff game was Jan 10 1982 in Cincinnati. The temperature was -59 windchill.

At the time of that game, Mike Gottfried was the head football coach at Cincinnati University. After the game, he sent one assistant on a recruiting trip to the east – Carolinas, Georgia, Florida to Mobile. Another assistant was sent to the West through Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi to Mobile.

As was his tradition, Mike flew to Mobile where his brother Joe Gottfried was the Athletic Director for the University of South Alabama. Mike spent his week observing and networking at the Senior Bowl activities. The game is held in Mobile the week before the Super Bowl every year. 

On the Friday before the game, the assistant who went west was to meet a recruit at Theodore High School in Mobile. The meeting was set for after school. When he arrived in Mobile and went to the school there were no cars in the parking lot and no students around. The sun was shining and temp was 60+ degrees.

He panicked. The recruit was important. He was afraid he made a mistake and did not know what he would tell Mike.

As he sat in the parking lot, two kids came by on bikes. He stopped them and asked “where is everybody?” They told him school was canceled. The school officials were afraid it was going to be below 32 degrees that morning so they canceled school. 

He could not believe it –he left a city where people played football outdoors in -59 windchill temperatures and here he was in Mobile where they canceled school in 60-degree weather. At least he had an explanation for his head coach.

As I write this story, the sun is shining and it is 60+ degrees outside.

Now, if we could just do something about the heat and humidity in July, August and September!

Good News


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I continue to slowly heal. Thanks for your support.



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