Climate Change. I eat lunch on Fridays with several good friends. I believe it is fair to say, they are all more politically conservative than I am.

In discussing the heat wave in which we find ourselves, I believe their opinion is — we are in a weather cycle and we have always had cycles. They are reluctant to believe climate change is human-made.

In support of their view, this week I came across a reputable study that demonstrated earth has had far more serious global warming than what we are currently experiencing. The researchers found evidence that several thousand years ago Earth may have been at least 20 degrees warmer than our current situation. Since there were no cars or power plants several thousand years ago, it means warming can occur in the absence of man-made carbon emissions. The study is given at this site—


Previously, I wrote I am sure we are in climate change, but I am not as certain about the causes. Even this study, if you read it carefully, suggests carbon emission from some unknown source caused the warming.

After I read the study, I got more curious. What I found (and I could always be in error) was that the scientific evidence on the current climate change overwhelmingly points to the influence of humans. Over 90% of the scientific research supports the theory that human-created emissions are contributing to climate change. These are science reports not media pundits. This is research not opinion.

If people want to believe climate change is just a cycle, I do not intend to try to change their minds. But I think it important for everyone to recognize that anyone who believes human-made emissions are not contributing to climate change, is going against enormous scientific evidence to the contrary.

My biggest concern is that no matter what is causing it, I believe climate change is occurring and we need to put our best minds to work thinking about ways we can live within it.

Vacation.  I hope everyone is having a great summer.

In August we have several visits from family and Jeny and I are planning our first road trips since our big accident. We are going to Birmingham for a weekend. Later we will go to Nashville and St. Louis.

Also, I will be preaching at Providence Presbyterian Church on August 20. (You can see it on Facebook.) I need time to prepare.

As a consequence of all these and other activities, I am going to take a hiatus from the blog in August.

I plan to return in September.

Funerals. Recently I shared the losses of three friends. Two of them had their services recorded. I was able to see the services. I am so thankful.

If you are ever involved in the decision about whether or not to record a service please record and share it. The chance to be a part of the service despite the miles of separation was a very meaningful experience for me.

I certainly thank the families of both friends for sharing the services.

Good News

I hope everyone gets as much out of these reports as I do. In this crazy world of politics, divisiveness and hatred, I need good news.


Compassionate 8-Year-Old Is Raising Funds To Offer Homeless Individuals A Memorable Day At The State Fair (

Strangers Rally Together To Help Coventry R.I. Veteran In Need (

Amazing Advances

Until September—




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