Presidential election 2024. I have been asked by several people, “Who are you supporting for president?” When I am asked the question, I assume they want to know if I am supporting Biden or Trump in 2024?

I believe most of my readers fall into one of two categories.  First – Anybody But Trump or second – I do not like Trump’s character but I support his policies.

I am in neither camp.

In last week’s blog, I reported a Gallup poll that reported most people are unhappy with Congress and both parties. I share the attitude and go one step further. I am not happy with either leading candidate for president. I want to be in favor of a candidate but cannot in good conscience support either Biden or Trump.

I am a life-long Democrat. Given my family history the support is understandable. The WPA provided the dignity of a job for both Mom and Dad during the depression. They met through their work on those jobs. My parents were too poor to attend college but the GI bill enabled dad, at age 30, to attend K-State University. He eventually became President of the Wichita Bank for Cooperatives. The bank was formed by the government during the depression to help farmers. Government programs (mostly Democrat) were very beneficial to my family.

I must point out that all of the government activities aiding my parents were designed to help people help themselves and involved work. They were not entitlements or welfare. One of dad’s special moments was the day the Bank for Cooperatives made the final debt payment to the government returning all the capital used to start the bank. The bank repaid the government debt.

The purpose of my blog is not to promote a particular position but to create a dialog regarding various issues. However, I think it is fair for everyone to know why as a Democrat I do not support Joe Biden.

I will turn 81 on December 9. I believe Joe Biden is too old for the task of being president. I do not believe my argument is age discrimination. I believe I am living in aging reality.

As I have aged, I have declined. I am not as sharp mentally as I was at age 70. If I live to be 90, I do not expect to have gained sharpness. I accept that reality and am very thankful for what I have. I am confident in saying Biden will not become sharper mentally or better physically in the next few years. He will not get younger.

I also disagree with several of his policies, such as the border and some fiscal matters, but the aging issue is the most important issue.

I do not think it is proper for me to discuss on this blog why I do not support Donald Trump. If I were a Republican, I might share my thoughts.

If anyone is interest in my thinking, I will be glad to have a dialog apart from the blog. Just email me and I will share my ideas.

I will say that my opinions about his candidacy are shaped more by the opinions of people like Bill Barr, former Vice-President Pence, Charles Koch, John Bolton, Peggy Noonan, General John Kelley, General Milley, Cassidy Hutchinson, Mark Meadows, Michael Cohen, Ann Coulter and Chris Christie, rather than any deep state, left-wing opinions.

In discussing my lack of support for both candidates with our eldest son Scott, he offered wisdom. He reminded me — I may not be for either candidate but an election will be a choice.  I just do not want to choose the one I dislike the least.

Head of the DOJ. If your view of Merrick Garland is based on what commentators tell you, I suggest watching a first-person interview. He was interviewed on 60 Minutes two weeks ago and I believe the show is worth watching. I prefer drawing my inferences through first hand observations rather than listening to commentators. I had never seen a personal interview of him.

In light of the attack on Israel, I believe the interview is even more worth watching. He draws much of his commitment to the rule of law from his parents’ experiences as Jews in Germany.

In my judgement he is facing pressure like no other Attorney General has ever faced in American history. Investigation of a current president’s son and charges against a former president has put him under scrutiny and pressure from both sides of the aisle. I learned a lot about him as a person and I learned a lot about the DOJ process.

Subsequently some commentators dismissed the interview and maintained he is a Democrat enabler. I suggest watching the interview and drawing your own conclusions.

Carrot and no stick. The New York Times has an interesting article comparing the city of Portland and the country of Portugal. Both the city and the country halted imprisonment for most drug offenses. In Portland drug problems skyrocketed. By several measures, in Portugal drug related problems decreased.


The article pointed out Portland stopped imprisonment and had no punishments for drug offenses. Portugal on the other hand stopped imprisonment but had punishments. For example, professionals lost their licenses if they committed a drug offense.

The article called the Portland approach – having the carrot but no stick. In my opinion that is a correct labeling and probably a factor in many other social problems in America.

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