Hopeful treatment for Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. I watched 60 Minutes on Sunday. The first segment was about the problems with commercial real estate, particularly in New York City. You can skip that segment unless your retirement has something to do with New York commercial real estate. Mine does — Yikes!!!!

The other segments are the ones I highly recommend everyone watch. They show incredible developments in understanding and working with the brain.

They were able to show healing developments with Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. The problem had been getting proper chemicals through to the brain because the blood barrier would not allow them to pass. I do not understand the technical issues, but a team has developed a method to allow chemicals to go through the blood barrier and then go the proper sites for treatment.

The demonstrations on TV were amazing. Symptoms for both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s were greatly reduced. The process has great promise for those suffering from those problems.

The final segment was about treatment for addiction. The treatment was the application of ultrasound to specific areas of the brain. Again, I do not understand the technical issues, but the demonstrations should give hope to those with addiction issues.

Really good news!

Watch 60 Minutes Season 56 Episode 16: 1/14/2024: Commercial Real Estate; Master of the Mind – Full show on CBS

 A Good Motto. If you did not feel the earthquake in Alabama last week, we had a big one — Nick Saban retired as the coach of football at The University of Alabama. There have been numerous stories about him and his replacement.

In my opinion two of the stories about Nick are worth everyone knowing, including those people who hate football. 

His father, “Big Nick” ran a service station. As a youngster Nick’s job was to wash cars at his father’s service station. After he washed a car, his father was the inspector. If he found a spot, his father always told Nick, “Wash it again.” He did not say fix the spot; he said do it over again with the implication – until you get it right. Nick learned to do it right.

The second story was when he was coaching at Michigan State. The Spartans were getting ready to play Ohio State and the Buckeyes were a much better team. Nick asked a psychiatrist, “What do you tell a team when they are playing a much better team?” The psychiatrist thought for a minute and responded, “Tell them not to worry about the score.”

Thes events shaped Nick’s approach – Do your job and trust the process. If you do your job, the outcomes take care of themselves. The process is what is important. Do your job over and over until you get it right.

That approach to coaching has been good for him. He is the best coach in the history of college football.

I think the approach is great advice for me. In my role as a spouse, a father, a grandfather, friend, an occasional teacher, a church member, a steward over our resources and whatever other role I find myself, my job is the process. Process should be my focus. I need to repeat the process until I get it right.

Concerns. This week I read a very clever obituary written by the son of an acquaintance. His mother had a very strong dislike for one of the leading presidential candidates. He said something to the effect that he is a registered Independent, a political agnostic who would rather return to a medieval king than face the choice between Biden and Trump.

My concerns on both sides of the political aisle have put me much closer to his tongue in cheek position than I like.

Two concerns happened this week that I thought were worth comment. First, a recording of Roger Stone before the 2020 election was released. In it, Stone can be heard saying. saying, “Either Swalwell or Nadler has to die before the election. They need to get the message. I’m just not putting up with this s–t anymore.”

The source told the reporter that Stone’s rants about assassinations were not a “one-off conversation” and that they were not remarks made “in jest.”

Second, Tuesday Trump’s lawyer (not Trump himself) was given hypotheticals by Judge Florence Pan, one of three judges hearing an appeal regarding presidential immunity.

“Would a president face prosecution for selling pardons or state secrets?” No, Trump’s lawyer John Sauer said, so long as he was not impeached and convicted first.

Then, Pan went a step further asking – “If a president ordered SEAL Team 6 to assassinate a political rival, would he face prosecution?” The lawyer said not unless he was impeached.

I am concerned by both of those observations. In my opinion, political assassinations in the United States are wrong and should be prosecuted, whether threatened or carried out as official business. In addition, I am not too wild about the US carrying out political assassination in other countries.

Good News

First Responder

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