Preface. I am committed to keeping my blog brief. I am committed to trying to be open and fair in my comments. I am open to correction and differences of opinion. Having said that – today is part one of a two-part blog.

I was given a book of daily readings by Phillip Yancy. I was unsure of my topic in this week’s blog until I read the selection for Monday. In 2004 he took a trip to Hungary on behalf of Youth for Christ and InterVarsity. In Budapest he visited the House of Terror, a modern museum of the twentieth-century history of Hungary.  Even before the 1900s Hungary faced conflicts and domination by Atilla the Hun, Mongols and Muslims. In the 20th century they faced the Nazis and the Russians. The building was first occupied by the Nazi SS and then the Russian KGB. Dungeons, torture chambers, propaganda devices and much more evidence of totalitarian rule were on display.

Shortly after returning to the US, he watched John Kerry’s concession speech in the presidential race. Kerry said “the great thing about our country is that the next morning after an election we are all Americans.” Yancy commented, “after spending several hours in the House of Terror that lesson sank in deep.” I am also touched by those comments.

Somehow it does not feel like we are all Americans. The prevailing spirit is us versus them. I am not happy with either party or either candidate. I decided to examine my own thinking about both parties. Since I have promised to keep my blog short, I will only write about my views of one side today. The first side is my personal concerns with seven issues on the Right. Next week I will cover seven concerns about the Left.

We have not had the same experiences, so I do not expect everyone to have the same issues.  I offer my thoughts and encourage discussion. I always learn when someone shares their views.

  1. Junior High School. In my 6th grade year, my elementary school did not have enough space, so two of the classes met in classrooms in the Junior High building. The picture is the actual building as it is today. I was 10 years old when the year started and turned 11 in December. I was one of the youngest, wore glasses and was one of the latest maturing boys in my class. I was years from shaving while going to school in a building with much more mature boys and girls.

I was fearful, insecure, uncertain and had all of the angst of a pre-teen with over two years to go before turning 13. I remember those who were kind to me and I clearly recall those who were not.  I was occasionally physically bullied; I was given demeaning nicknames.

My treatment was not as bad as some others were treated but through my treatment and my observations, I formed a deep dislike for people who bullied by giving demeaning nicknames and mocking other people — especially those with handicaps.

I thought I left junior high years ago but I see a lot of the same behavior in Donald Trump that I rejected in order to grow up. The most recent example is calling Gavin New “scum” and the mocking of Joe Biden’s stutter. A Trump spokesperson defended the language as necessary. I disagree.

I am not alone in my concern: Fox Host Relentlessly Shames Trump Rep. For Defending His ‘Obscene’ Name-Calling | HuffPost Latest News

2. America First, however well intended, is a label I do not support the label. If the label were — Protect American Interests — I would understand and not have a problem with the label. I might have problems with the practice but not the label.

To me, America First is an appeal to inappropriate pride. The Great Commandment says — God is first in all things and we are to love our neighbor as ourselves.To me, America First is a clear antithesis to the Great Commandment.:

3. I understand many politicians lie. I am against lying by anyone. In my judgement, lying to get support is the work of a con man. The election was rigged and stolen is not true. To perpetuate the belief of that untruth in order to develop the support of a political base is divisive and wrong in my mind.

The lesson of Yancy comes into play here. Trump did not say we are all Americans here after the election. Among many other factors by both sides, the Big Lie has contributed greatly to our divided nation.

4. I worked for a con man. I recognize the traits. Tell people what they want in order to get them on your side, while your primary interest is not them but yourself. Leading people to believe they will be better than others is an appeal to pride that works for salesmen and saleswomen as well as politicians. The man I worked for once told me, “managing is about control first, control second, control third.” Tell them what they want to hear to control them.

That is why I listen more to the people who have been behind the false front and are more likely to tell the truth—John Bolden, Mike Pence, Chris Christy, William Barr, and General John Kelley are all insiders who are are giving warnings.

Many people are saying — I will vote for Trump because I am against Biden, but they have not said positive things about Trump. In my opinion they will not say what they think out of fear of retribution. That is sad.

5. Projection is a defense mechanism in which an individual recognizes their unacceptable traits or impulses in someone else to avoid recognizing those traits or impulses in themselves. Con men are skilled at pointing fingers at others so you do not look closely at them. They are skilled at projection.

I have heard Trump speak on numerous instances of “crooked Joe who stole the election.” I have never heard him address his attempt to steal the election by having Mike Pence circumvent the Constitution. I have not heard him address his attempt to steal the election by having alternative electors. Saying others stole from you while trying to steal from them is a clear example of projection.

6. My neighbor, who is a long time Alabama conservative, made an interesting observation. He said “I am a conservative and have been all my life, but I can’t support Trump because he is resisting the peaceful transition of power. He went on to say if anyone had a reason to resist a peaceful transition it was Al Gore. We can document his loss came down to counting chads in Florida. He did not need thousands of votes across at least four states to win. Even Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by several million votes and did not resist the peaceful transition of power.” I could not have said it any better myself.

Many of my friends say–overlook his personal traits in order to get his policies. That is hard for me if one of his traits and policies is resisting the peaceful transition of power.

7. The Staff. I have watched coaches and administrators in many occupations surround themselves with people who know less that they do and will do whatever they are told to keep their jobs. The tactic is a clear way to maintain control. There are two problems.

First, without the best knowledge, I do not make the wisest decisions. If I limit myself to my knowledge, I am greatly limiting my chances for wisdom to make the right decision.

Second, if I am clearly making a mistake no one will speak up for fear of retribution.

Trump has made it clear that if he is elected, he will only surround himself with “loyalist.” In my opinion surrounding yourself with loyalist is a recipe for disaster in any organization.

Those of you who disagree with my analysis, please bring your concerns to my attention. I want dialog. Please, I am not judging your position, I am trying to be honest about mine and from where in my experience those attitudes are derived.  I know you have other experiences and attitudes.

As a testament to my interest in both sides, please understand I will have seven concerns about the Left next week.

This and That

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