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My little book, “Being a Proverbial Student,” promotes knowledge, understanding and wisdom. I am convinced proper dialog (civil discourse) is helpful in that process.

For those of you who have followed my new blog adventure, you understand my current interest is creating dialog with abortion second. In response to my last blog on abortion, I’m glad to report I had some thoughtful discourse. I thank those who replied. I gained knowledge, considerable understanding and hopefully some wisdom.

Today I will report what I learned about the benefits of healthy dialog. That will finish my thoughts about abortion and next week will be something new.


Dialog helped me realize my shortcomings. In my last blog, as was pointed out to me, I failed to discuss my view on the health of the mother. If the health of the mother is at risk, I believe she has the right to make that tough decision at any time.


I learned to clarify and focus my choice of words and ideas.

One person said the use of the term zygote made my view sound easier than killing a baby. I disagreed because I do not believe a baby is developed until later in a pregnancy. However I did realize I used zygote because it sounded easier than taking a life. A zygote is a living thing.

My distinction between what I believe for myself and what I will accept as legal for others became clearer. At what point am I unwilling to stand by and allow the law to be in place for others, and what point am I willing to fight for change.

I do not accept abortion except under special circumstances. However if legal, I would not protest legal abortions in early term before a viable baby is formed as a cost of living in a democracy.

I am prepared to protest the killing of an unborn baby, certainly for reasons of gender, race, handicap or convenience. 


As a person of faith, the pivotal points where my faith and my abortion views intersected became clearer. Two intersections were killing and judging others.

Killing: In reading the Bible, there is no reference to abortion that I can find. The references most people use are about killing. A critical question becomes: if I am against killing should I be against all killing?  If I think killing is acceptable under come situations and not acceptable in others, a second question is raised: What makes killing acceptable in some situations but not in abortion? The questions are difficult but important.

Many of the same people, who so passionately argue others should not kill the unborn, support war in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan and many unknown situations, They believe in stand your ground self-defense and capital punishment..

I find the situation even more difficult because God who said “thou shall not kill,” was involved with the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah’s flood, David slaying of Goliath, recommended stoning for transgressions and even allowed the killing of His own son.

As a Christian, I stand by and allow for the legal killing of others in self defense, the protection of rights, the defense of freedom, the protection of our countries interests, the denial of nuclear arms to other nations, and capital punishment?  If I do not allow for killing in early term abortions, I probably shouldn’t stand by for killing under some other circumstances.

Someone completely against killing is against killing in all situations. I cannot go that far. Even if I might not kill in self defense or war I accept that others have a legal right to kill.

Judging: Christ said nothing directly about abortion but spoke often against judging others. I believe those who choose abortions will have to defend themselves before the real judge, our Lord.

I am comfortable when I stand before the Lord for my personal direct personal decisions about abortion—we did not get one. Whether or not he will be happy because I did not judge others and stood by in some in some limited legal situations I will have to wait and see. If He believes I am sinning in accepting (not condoning) the legal right to take life in the early abortion situation, I have a suspicion he will chastise me for many other killings which I have thought to be legal.

I will know soon enough.


I remembered forgotten stories that gave me a deeper understanding of my views.

I had forgotten a challenge we faced very early in our marriage. Jeny had Caesarian sections. With our third child, we decided that during that operation, she should have her tubes tied to prevent another pregnancy. 

Her doctor would not do it. He said we were sinning by preventing life. He equated it to an abortion. He believed the denial of life was as bad as taking life. We had the tubes tied, thereby preventing the life of a fourth, fifth sixth ….. child.  A stretch – yes, but abortion and birth control are more similar than I realized.

Thanks again.   I have more knowledge—much more understanding and hopefully I am wiser.

Dialogs are good — try them at home and with others.

Until next week,



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