Friends, once again technology failed. The following failed to be distributed last week. The thoughts still stand.

The season is not Thanksgiving, but amid the corona virus pandemic, I am experiencing thanksgiving.  I hope you are likewise.

 As near as I can tell, all of my needs are being met. I have my health, safety, food, water, shelter, love of family and my faith. Anything else is not a need but a want.

 My biggest want is for all of my family, friends and indeed, everyone, to have their health and have their other needs met.  I hope all of you are able to join me in thanksgiving.

Around 2000 years ago many leaders wanted a messiah who would throw off the shackles of Roman rule and make Israel great again. They wanted someone who would put Israel first. Make Israel number one.

In my understanding of my faith I believe Jesus came with a different message: put others first, be a servant to others, love your neighbor, pursue  righteousness not self-righteousness.  He did not stress being better than others, being number one, or putting self before others. That does not mean we just let others walk all over us. To me it means if we have our needs met, we look to serve the needs of others.

The leaders condemned him and he was crucified.

In our country, we hear and see the motto: “Make America great again.” In my opinion, we must remember the lessons of history and face an important question: To be great again, is it more important to put ourselves before others or seek to serve the those in need?

Happy Passover,

 Happy Easter.



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