Apology.  I am a day late because the computer had a glich.

Inspiration: I was inspired to learn about Tom Willis. Tom has no arms. He does amazing things to overcome his disability. He learned to throw a baseball with his foot. He has thrown the first pitch in every major league park. That is the tip of the iceberg for this amazing person.

If you ever are concerned with the hand God has dealt you, watch this U-tube video.


He Had A Dream.  Regarding the discussion of Black coaches in the NFL, one person dreamed of the time we could make decisions based on human ability rather than color.

It is a good dream. Unfortunately, we still have people making unjust decisions based on color. We are called to fight injustice.

I was reminded of the problem by a sign I saw on a truck yesterday: “White unity at every opportunity.” Reality has a long way to go before the dream is achieved.

Skiing. Others suggested the proper number to be used in the discussion is the ratio of Black participants and not the population. If the color of participations is used as the proper ratio to be used to argue for an increase in Black coaches, then I see two other important issues being raised. 

First, Blacks are over represented as participants. If the battle is injustice, why shouldn’t we be concerned with the underrepresentation of Hispanics as participants?  The answers to this question are not as easy as many would believe because of a slippery slope.

Second, another slippery slope is – if participation is the proper number to use, then we should use it in other areas such as college admission. Both slopes are slopes people need to ski very carefully.

Happy Rosh Hashanah.  Prejudice and injustice are not restricted to color. The term race was used in the 1400s by the Spanish in their mistreatment of Jews. That prejudice still occurs today. To all my Jewish friends– Happy Rosh Hashanah.

I was not familiar with the tradition of Rosh Hashanah. The following link was helpful to me for learning about it: https://www.history.com/topics/holidays/rosh-hashanah-history

Good News

Special Needs are special

Special Needs Player Makes Final Tackle In Texas High School Football Game (sunnyskyz.com)

Australian Football Players Invite Water Boy To Celebrate With Them (sunnyskyz.com)  



John Cena Sets Guinness World Record For Granting Most Wishes Through Make-A-Wish (sunnyskyz.com)




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